At Media Labs, we've perfected the art of turning inspired ideas into effective online marketing solutions.

Solutions to move your business

Media Labs Innovation (Media Labs) is a full-service web and media design and development studio that provides complete and customized solution for companies since early 1999. Our success lies in our unique culture and application of the right methodology - the right combination of business strategy, creativity and technology capabilities in our projects. We have consistently met and exceeded our clients' expectations by delivering everything with fast response time from consultation and project management to design and development, and implementing scalable technology that ties it altogether. In this digital realm where creativity, technology and business strategy seamlessly co-exist, our deliverables stand to supercede our competitors thus making Media Labs the right partner to work with.

Our Vision, Mission


To establish Media Labs as a regional provider of innovation-based, customer-centric digital and electronic communications solutions.


To assist in the long-term growth of our clients through the use of seamless, turnkey solutions customised to address their specific business challenges.

Our Culture

We're passionate about developing perfect solutions for our clients, so we work closely with them to understand their business and their goals. We foster a creative, inclusive and collaborative working environment where ideas are allowed to grow and new technological developments are constantly integrated into our platforms. We constantly reinforce the values of respect, teamwork and enthusiasm in our people.

Our Process

We combine in-depth strategy with our proven methodology to develop powerful and effective communications campaigns and integrated systems. We focus our team's creative energies with a view to the larger business objective, smoothly integrating ideas with function, user convenience and aesthetic design.

We call this system the 5Ds of creative excellence.

Working closely with the client, we define the project's scope and direction. We study and analyze our client's business strategies, and align our thinking with those goals.
  • Identify project mission and goals
  • Integrate communications direction with client's business model
  • Select and initiate content management structure and navigational system
  • Adapt and incorporate client's branding guidelines

Begin idea generation and engineer the ideal information architecture for the project objectives. This is the most conceptual stage of the process.
  • Meet design and concept requirements, aligning with the client to ensure maximum ease of communication
  • Identify and prepare all hardware and software requirements
  • Begin creation of prototype

At this phase we begin the specific integration of ideas with the technological platform.
  • Finalise the visual design of the project
  • Flash out the application with the design elements and messages
  • Engineer the IT system

Every new system will need thorough testing and examination to ensure that the solution is clean, seamless and effective. Not only do we rigorously test the functionality of the application, we will also subject it to stringent user trials and bug testing to make sure that the target audience will have a great experience with your application.
  • Follow a checklist of quality measures and controls
  • Validate the functionality of the project and streamline user navigation
  • Identify and resolve all bugs in the system
  • Monitor and classify all versions of the program code

Once the project has been launched, Media Labs will continue to do performance monitoring within agreed-upon timeframes. This is to ensure the high performance of your application in line with our commitment to quality post-deployment service.
  • Enhance the system by incorporating client and user feedback
  • Provide statistical reports and analysis of your application
  • Deliver comprehensive performance reports