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Enterprise Resource
Planning Solution

We build customised Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to tie in with your operation flow seamlessly. For customers who want a readily available ERP system, we have existing productized ERP modules with minimum customization which you can plug and play.

Benefits of ERP Solution:

  1. Improved Visibility of Processes and Results

    To manage and oversee business process and results. This visibility will enable you to control working capital requirements to a great degree, empowering you to make quick decisions to pursue opportunities.

  2. Integrate Financial Information

    Integrate costs, profits and revenue information. Its ability to reduce cost can be greatly enhanced if the data that is captured is analyzed and evaluated properly.

  3. Automate Tasks

    Streamline work process, automation and reduce manual work.

  4. Standardize Business Processes

    Design best-business processes, which are based on industry best practices. This process consistency allows a consolidated view of business across the distributed enterprise, enabling organizations to drive continuous improvements, as operations are streamlined and there is healthy synergy between departments and functions. The improvement also comes from transparency and reduction in human errors due to automation and inter-company transactions.

  5. Reduce Operating Costs

    Lower inventory control costs, lower marketing costs, ERP Solutions provide opportunities for cost reduction and value-added tasks, leading to increased margins.

  6. Real Time Analysis

    The biggest advantage of an ERP system is with its real-time capabilities and the ability to see what is going on within the company as it happens. It is handy when you deal with high volume of business process.

*EDG1 Grant Claimable up to 80% funding support for ERP Solutions + S$ 10k Skills Future Enterprise Credit (Government Subsidy/EDG Grant). We are EDG Certified Consultants; qualified to guide you through the application process.

*Subjective to Enterprise Singapore approval.